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Leadership Development and Coaching


Stand-alone masterclasses and longer leadership development programmes tailored to your requirements

Standalone Half Day Masterclasses or combine to make a leadership development programme.
Leadership, Engagement and Wellbeing

All masterclasses include practical tools to prepare for the sessions and comprehensive workbooks that provide the basis for taking action afterwards.

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  • Resilience Plus [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass will help you recognise and raise your level of mental strength in order to be more resilient, deal effectively with change, stressors, pressures and challenges and perform at your best irrespective of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

    • Raise and maintain performance irrespective of circumstances
    • Deal effectively with change
    • Improve focus
    • Improve working relationships
    • Improve wellbeing and energy levels and reduce stress
  • Success Mindset for innovation and performance [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass is for people who want to sustain consistent high performance and excellence; be confident and resilient; progress their career; develop as a leader or manager; reduce stress for themselves and their team; and build high performance teams.

    • Raise performance
    • Raise positivity in the workplace
    • Raise potential for creativity and innovation
    • Embrace diversity and difference
    • Improve team work
    • Improve relationships and understanding of personality differences
  • Framing for success [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you the ability to recognise how you frame (or perceive) situations and practical tools to reframe to choose a more constructive state and perspective in order to

    • embrace uncertainty and change, and spot the opportunities;
    • be open to different and more diverse perspectives;
    • stop feeling stressed or anxious;
    • stop holding yourself back;
    • stop finding it hard to believe in your capabilities when others say you are good enough; and
    • prepare for promotion.
    • Gain clarity and focus.
    • Improve evaluation of situations and information.
    • Improve decision making.
    • Raise resilience.
    • Feel more confident.
    • Open up new possibilities.
    • Enhance team performance.
    • Specific benefits based on the limiting perception and its costs.
  • Train your brain to be Confident [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you the practical tools and framework to be more confident.

    • Be more effective in all that you do
    • Raise performance
    • Reduce stress
    • Improve leadership
  • Motivation: Light your Fire and Inspire Others [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass is for people who want to tap into their own motivations to help them achieve their goals and for people who want to inspire other people to achieve goals, whether as a team or in supporting your direct reports or research students or fellows.

    • Understand the difference between internal motivation and external drivers
    • Raise your ability to inspire others
    • Raise engagement, wellbeing and performance in teams and the wider organisation
    • Raise your own performance and sense of fulfilment
    • Achieve more with less stress
  • Emotional Intelligence for greater effectiveness [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass introduces the essentials of emotional intelligence (EI) and the impact it has, particularly in the context of leadership and management.

    • All other things being equal, the person with higher EI is generally more successful in work and in life in general.
    • Improved success as a leader or manager.
    • Better relationships – in work and at home.
    • Improved team working.
    • Organisational level benefits: better staff engagement, raised performance and higher profitability.
  • Working to Strengths and your Personal Audit [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass is for people who are considering how they can be more effective, reduce stress or the potential for stress, prepare for promotion or choose their ideal future and career, whether that is around progressing in the same field, changing direction or discovering how to get out of a rut.

    • Clarity about priorities in life.
    • Be a more authentic leader.
    • Raise performance by focusing on talents and working to strengths
    • Reduce stress by better managing situations that drain energy
    • Improve work-life balance, peace of mind, wellbeing and fulfilment.
    • Make informed choices regarding your career / life direction and leadership decisions.
    • Better quality use of time.
    • Greater focus at work.
  • Navigating your career: Take Control and prepare for promotion [Show] / [Hide]

    Building on your personal audit, this masterclass gives you the tools to plan your career and personal development as a leader in ways that will support your fulfilment, desired work-life balance and wellbeing.

    • Clarity about your career and the various dimensions of career planning.
    • A variety of possibilities to move forward.
    • Clear next steps to take to advance your career.
    • Reduce career risk.
    • Gain clarity on managing up and improving what might be the most important relationship in your role.
  • Goal setting to transform performance [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you the tools and framework to set goals in a way that ensure they are successful and achieved with in the desired timeframe, budget and quality standards.

    • Focus on priorities
    • Faster and more effective action to deliver results.
    • Improved accountability and alignment.
    • Better planning and use of resources.
    • Higher productivity.
    • Peace of mind.
  • Introduction to Leadership: Why it matters. [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you the framework to focus on what is important and gain clarity about how to be an effective leader.

    • Be grounded and focused on what matters most.
    • Be an inspiring leader.
    • Raise alignment and accountability.
    • Improve team work.
    • Raise performance and engagement.
  • Leadership Styles [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass reviews a number of leadership models and gives you the practical tools to use the ILM72 Integrated Leadership Model to recognise your default leadership style and develop flexibility to match an appropriate style to the situation and people involved.

    • Understand the impact of different leadership styles
    • Focus on delivering results AND inspiring people and engaging your team
    • Be an inspiring leader
    • Improve team work.
    • Raise performance and engagement.
  • Grow your Leadership Presence [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you practical tools to shape how you think about the impact you have as a leader and how you appear to others.

    • Easier to attract opportunities.
    • More confidence.
    • Improve authentic impact.
    • Be perceived by others more positively and as more credible in your role (particularly for senior roles).
    • Be more influential with others.
  • Lead from the Inside Out: Values-led Leadership [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass helps you to create a healthy and higher performing team and organisation by focusing on core principles, or values, which do not sacrifice personal values.

    • Improve authentic impact. You become more authentic and believable as a leader when you behave in alignment with your personal core values.
    • Empower leaders throughout the organisation to make decisions guided by aligning with the core values.
    • Raise Engagement and Wellbeing. When you live in harmony with your values you raise your energy levels, motivation, and wellbeing all of which contribute to raising engagement and performance and reducing stress.
    • Build a stronger culture centred around shared values and principles that guide how people agree to behave and work together.
  • Communicating with Influence [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass helps you recognise the messages you give out intentionally and unintentionally, choose to communicate with impact and improve leadership presence.

    • Improve authentic impact.
    • Be more influential with others.
    • Build a stronger culture through improved communication.
    • Think strategically about communication as an important process in an organisation.
    • Have more confidence.
    • Be perceived more positively.
    • Discover what it means to be an effective communicator.
  • Introduction to Executive Coaching [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you an understanding of how coaching can be a vital tool for executives and managers, both as having an executive coach as external support and also using coaching tools to enhance your ability to step back and distribute leadership throughout your organisation.

    • Raise awareness, clarity and focus
    • Encourage people to take on responsibility
    • Reduce barriers to performance
    • Improve delegation
    • Improve management and leadership effectiveness
    • Improve team relationships
    • Raise engagement
  • Engaging your people [Show] / [Hide]

    The way you lead determines whether your people become engaged in their work or are actively disengaged. This masterclass gives you the framework to think about how your leadership behaviour inspires people to become highly engaged in work, and gives you practical tools to start straight away.

    • Higher productivity
    • Better teamwork
    • Increased comfort and confidence as a leader
    • Improved impact on colleagues and staff with a more effective leadership presence
    • Increased morale and decreased staff turnover
    • Development of internal talent to assume greater responsibility and make continuous improvements
    • Ability to spend time on fewer hassles and firefighting, and focus on more strategic issues
    • Improve culture and create a ‘great place to work’ with benefits for wellbeing, health and low stress
  • Creating High Performance Teams [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass is ideal for managers or leaders who are about to or are starting up a new team and want it to run well, and also for established team leaders, especially when the team is not performing as well as you would like.

    • Develop a high-performance team.
    • Make improvements to team efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Have open, honest communication that strengthens relationships, improves productivity, and moves the team towards results.
    • Avoid personality conflicts, misunderstanding and stress.
  • Connecting: Forging Trust and Building communities [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you practical tools to examine your relationships and forge greater connections to build your desired network, build trust, nurture strong relationships and create supportive communities.

    • Nurture stronger relationships
    • Widen your network strategically
    • Foster collaboration and reduce silos
    • It is easier to get things done and make things happen
    • Improve career opportunities
  • Teambuilding: The Power of Positive [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives participants essential ingredients to create the positive environment and culture for working successfully together as a high performing team. The masterclass is ideal when you are kicking off a new team and want it to run well, when your team is not performing as well as you would like, or when your team could do with a burst of positive energy to revitalise a project or manage changes.

    • Sow the seeds for a can-do culture
    • Discover hidden talents of your team members
    • Raise positivity in the work place
    • Improve working relationships
    • Encourage positive feedback
  • Teambuilding: Embracing Diversity to build trust, strong relationships and high performance. [Show] / [Hide]

    This masterclass gives you the tools and common language to embrace difference and gain the maximum benefit from the diversity within your team, so that together you can achieve far more than the sum of the parts.

    • Strengthen team performance
    • Improve team relationships
    • Reduce misunderstanding, conflict and stress
    • Embrace diversity
    • Improve decision making and strategy
  • Teambuilding: Impacts of Leadership Styles [Show] / [Hide]

    This event explores how teams would respond to typical scenarios experienced in the company, and reveals typical leadership styles within the organisation. By considering the impact of a range of leadership styles, participants expand their flexibility to choose optimal styles appropriate to different situations.

    • Raise awareness of default leadership styles, thinking patterns and decision making.
    • Evaluate how well decisions and actions align with company values and the vision.
    • Develop flexibility to adopt different leadership styles appropriate to different situations.
  • Feedback and Feedforward [Show] / [Hide]

    To enable you to become comfortable with feedback and embrace the learning and opportunities it provides, both as giver and receiver.

    • Promote a growth mindset and learning culture that raises resilience.
    • Be more effective and avoid becoming arrogant as a manager and leader.
    • Be more comfortable at giving feedback.
    • Increase clarity about expectations.
    • Improve team relationships.
    • Raise performance.

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Executive & Leadership 1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a process that raises awareness, clarity and focus; encourages people to take on responsibility; and reduces barriers to performance.

Executive Coaching is an efficient, high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time.

Request information on our 1:1 coaching options: email info@aeona.co.uk or call 07809 672859


Why have a coach?

All the evidence indicates coaching works and delivers results:

  • Numerous studies, such as by Gallop and McKinsey show that coaching improves employee engagement and that companies with highly engaged people have up to four times higher profitability than their competitors, higher performance, higher staff retention, higher customer satisfaction and are 60% more likely to be in the top quartile for business health. Sadly, only about 17% of employees in the UK are actively engaged and committed to their work and organisation. The rest are not engaged or actively disengaged, spreading negativity and dissent and poor performance. According to the Macleod Report, employee disengagement costs the UK economy £59-£65 billion annually in lost productivity.
  • Gallop research shows that managers account for 70% of the variance in engagement. Great managers inspire high engagement, but poor managers inspire disengagement. Over 50% of employees report that they left a job to get away from their manager. A study by Manchester Inc. reported that executives who received coaching improved relationships with their direct reports (77%), immediate supervisors (71%) and peers (63%).
  • Coaching drives behavioural and psychological change and is grounded in behavioural science, psychology and neuroscience. According to reports by ILM, CIPD, ICF and others, coaching improves work performance, team effectiveness, communication skills, time management skills, and much more.
  • Serious elite athletes and high performers across the board, from business to music, claim they wouldn’t get where they are now were it not for having a coach. Eric Schmidt, CEO and Chairman of Google, says the best advice he ever got was “Hire a coach” (Fortune, Best Advice archive) and that he initially resented the advice – after all, he was the CEO and pretty experienced, so why would he need a coach? How could a coach advise him if he was already the best person at this? Once he realised the coach is not there to advise and be better than he is, but instead to watch, reflect and get him to be his best, and provide a different perspective, Eric hired his coach. One of the top consulting firms, EY, invests in coaching for all directors to ensure their promotion is successful and EY reaps the benefits not only in high performance but also from retaining their senior directors as the investment in coaching is a small proportion of the overall cost of recruiting and developing a senior executive.

It is not easy to be an effective leader and like any skill, it takes time and effort and needs nurturing. Yet most leaders are so busy with their daily work running the business or leading the company or their unit, getting work done and attending meetings, that there is hardly time to think of future strategy let alone honing leadership skills. Attending a training course can give you the knowledge, but most leaders find that isn’t enough to put it into action. Having a coach can help you by having regular real-time conversations to look over the horizon, improve your planning and decision making, and improve your actions and effectiveness as a leader.


Many senior leaders and CEOs say it is ‘lonely at the top’. You enjoy making decisions but also enjoy the spark of discussing ideas with others as you create your plans, yet there are few, if any, peers with whom you can have those conversations.


The benefits of working with a coach come from gaining clarity and focus to manage successfully the challenges you face at the moment. Business benefits are often measured in cost savings resulting from improved efficiency and effectiveness in leadership and management, including better delegation leading to better focus of your time on priority business areas, less micromanagement, less repetition, improved engagement, reduced staff turnover and many other benefits.


At a personal level, clients have reported benefits such as

  • accelerate your career
  • find the direction (for life and/or work) that’s best for you and gain clarity, focus, and peace of mind
  • find your voice
  • raise your leadership presence
  • make better decisions and choices
  • get better results
  • focus on your aspirations
  • communicate so others believe in you
  • believe in yourself
  • develop your network, champions, sponsors,
  • be more strategic
  • prepare to be in right place at right time with the right capabilities to achieve the changes you want
  • take on relevant responsibility and notice where you can make most difference, to prepare yourself for future positions you want AND be fulfilled in what you are doing now
  • negotiate your remuneration package at annual reviews
  • find balance - integrate work and life in a way you feel fulfilled
  • be confident
  • be motivated
  • minimise stress
  • feel in control of your own future and life
  • lead a more fulfilling life


Olympic athletes have coach because they want to be their best, not because they are not good at what they do. They are already good and they want to be great, to have support to maintain the clarity, focus, commitment, determination and courage to dream big and achieve it. You can have that too.


Did you know that even Olympic athletes claim that over 90% of their success is not down to their athletic skills and abilities, but down to their mindset? Successful people in all walks of life say the same thing. They have coaching to be in charge of their own mindset, which determines, among other things, how confident they feel, how they can stay on track in the face of distractions, how they set goals to maintain their focus and belief they can achieve ultimate success even when they don’t win one event. Aeona’s proven tools and frameworks help you to do all this.


What are your ambitions, dreams and aspirations - for yourself, for your team and for your organisation?
Are you already achieving them?
If not, do you know why not?
What is the value to you personally and to your organisation if you do achieve your ambitions?
What difference will it make?

Just like Olympic athletes, the executives and individuals who I work with are extremely capable and often know what they want to do, even if they don’t know how they will get there.


The power you will gain from engaging Sue as your coach is having a trusted partner who can

  • serve as a sounding board, provide objectivity and help you come to sound decisions
  • ask probing questions and debate with you,
  • stimulate aha-moments and insights,
  • challenge your assumptions: I bring a different set of eyes to bring you a fresh and different perspective, which can change how you view and approach your challenges, and see the potential opportunities and ways ahead
  • provide the time and safe space to reflect and get out of the daily grind of activity,
  • support you to face whatever obstacles and difficulties come your way and be better prepared for future challenges
  • support you on your leadership journey
  • and help you to stay focused and resilient in the face of enormous challenges and pressure.




Contact Aeona today to see how our programmes will benefit you.

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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie

"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous